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These are all from our first reading, which featured Mar Curran (Badass, Queer rights warrior attached to both the Video Action League,,and Loyola’s Advocate group)  , Sabrina Must (thoughtful writer and talented photographer,, Amanda Tauge punk rock’s answer to Dorthy Parker and Dr. Who fan,, Patrick Gill (lover of you and scotch), Rosy Phinick (Dreeeeaaaaaammmm Weeeeaaaavvveeerr and femme advocate,, and a surprise performance by Lisa Buscani (Pillar of the Chicago performance scene, incredible poet, Neo Futurist, margarita champion).  All photos are taken by the renaissance man Nathan Moore.  

These are from our first reading,  the first is of stickers from the Tell Someone You Love Them Project (a public art project that involves anonymous love letter drops and sticker tags-for more info contact Mar Curran, and Amanda Tague (  Photos taken by Nathan Moore.